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You may (well) be wondering where the idea of a done for you newsletter service came from. How it could help you. And why you’d come to Mill House Media to do the job for you.

So you might like to know why we’re so passionate about helping you to communicate with your contact base. Why we get so hung up on the detail. And why we believe this service will be exactly right to meet your needs.

Why you need an email newsletter – whoever you are!

You may be an active networker. You may spend many hours a week on social media. Or you may simply be running a business or an organisation that depends (as most do) on attracting people willing to buy what you offer.

If you’re a networker – however active you are – then you’ll talk to your contacts, at most, for a few minutes at a time on a regular basis. And if you take time out for a longer meeting with one of them, you’re unlikely to do so again for a year or two. (Unless, of course, you’ve discovered a new and valuable relationship in the process.)

Meaning that a lot of people see you, regularly, for a very short time.

That doesn’t give them much time to understand you, your business, or what you can do – either for them, or for their own networking contacts.

Which is why you need an email newsletter.

Active on social media? Then you’re in exactly the same situation. You have (potentially) thousands of contacts on a list you don’t own, and which could disappear tomorrow. They see occasional pieces of information from you, which remind them you exist. But they don’t always do an active job of explaining your knowledge, your expertise, and the value of your offering.

Which is why you, too, need an email newsletter.

And if you’re simply ‘in business’ then consider the value of your contact database.

For many companies it’s really their principal asset – without it they wouldn’t have a business. And every marketing guru on the planet will tell you that the simplest way to boost your bottom line is to keep selling to the customers you already have.

Which is why you need an email newsletter.

So to sum up – if you’re in business, or simply in the business of communicating, then you need an email newsletter. More importantly, you need a good email newsletter.

And preferably one that’s been done for you, by an experienced team.

Why you need a done for you newsletter service

About ten years ago I had the idea of offering a ‘done for you newsletter’ as a service.


Mainly because I’d done a little research.

I found many companies who said they produced a regular newsletter. But most of them didn’t – or at least, not on a regular basis.

So – lots of people thought email newsletters were a good idea. Lots of people got as far as producing one. Or two. Or three. And then, as far as I could see, they stopped.

So what was going wrong? Why were so many people giving up?

Well, it turns out that producing an email newsletter is a lot of work. Hard work, some of it. It’s also technically tricky – meaning it’s easy to make mistakes. And mistakes are embarrassing. Especially when reproduced several thousand times…

So for a lot of people, newsletters didn’t work. Not because the idea was wrong, though. Because the content was wrong.

Most hadn’t understood that a newsletter is not, primarily, a sales tool. It’s an information tool. It’s there to tell your contact base things they will want, or need to know. It’s there to remind them that you are an expert in your chosen field. That you know what you’re talking about. That they’re right to stay with you rather than go with one of your competitors.

Yes, you can feature a special offer. Yes, you can mention a new product. And yes, you can add a call to action at the end of each article. In fact, you should do all these things.

But if your newsletter consists of one (or worse, more than one) hard-hitting sales pitches, then people won’t bother reading it.

In fact they’ll unsubscribe. In droves. (Provided, of course, that you’ve obeyed the law and given them a way to unsubscribe).

Now writing that kind of content is tricky. It’s easy to get it wrong. To talk about things that don’t interest your audience – or, worse yet, to talk to the wrong audience.

A professional copywriter understands that. Meaning that they’ll (mostly) get it right. With the huge advantage that they’re not so close to the business that they can’t see the wall for the bricks.

But that, of course, is just the start. As well as the words you need an email template – one that’ll work despite the (very) best efforts of dozens of modern email browsers.

All of which seem to have built-in ways to turn a neat, effective design into a shambolic mess…

So you need someone to design it. Someone to code it. Someone to lay out your content inside that template, and find the right images to give it real punch.

And then you need a way of sending it out that doesn’t get you blacklisted by your Internet Service Provider.

Sound like a challenge? It is. And that’s why I took the time to build an experienced, talented, and highly successful team.

Precisely so that a business just like yours could have newsletters done for you…!