About Mill House Media

Why we’re here

Mill House Media was launched to meet the ever-growing need for quality content in digital marketing. Which includes effective, targeted copywriting for newsletters, blogs and social media. High-quality images. Powerful (and ever shorter!) video clips. Not to mention scripts (and visuals) for live presentations.

What we do

Initially the business has focused mainly on email newsletters. In fact they’ve been founder Allan Scott’s chief area of operation since 2007. But team members are now writing blogs, web content, articles and presentation scripts for a growing and varied client base.

Who we are

Over the years Mill House Media has gathered a trusted and talented team – business stars who each bring their own unique contribution. Together they will ensure your story gets told with maximum impact – and maximum return on investment.

And after many years of hard graft on the networking circuit, Mill House Media can call on a growing roster of talented freelance professionals. All ready, willing and able to work with each other. So we can build precisely the right combination of skills, talents and resources for each new project.

Introducing your team…

Allan Scott

Copywriter, script/speechwriter

Over the last 30 years Allan Scott has built an enviable reputation as a copywriter, editor, scriptwriter, and speechwriter, gaining experience across the board in industry, commerce, finance, and the public sector. He is also a published novelist, and his debut story The Ice King (1984), co-written with Michael Scott Rohan, predicted the birth of the internet – so, unsurprisingly, he took a keen interest in its possibilities right from the start. In 1997 he launched a ‘done for you’ email newsletter service – and in 2015 he founded Mill House Media, taking that idea forward into the full range of online media.

Catherine Kendal

Editor, proofreader, copywriter

A BA (Hons) First Class means you can trust Catherine to know her stuff about language. Then she trained for another year to qualify as a teacher. Teaching means communicating information clearly – and that’s what editing is all about. Catherine’s job is to look at whatever you’ve written from the viewpoint of your intended audience. If you’ve written a CV, she’s your prospective employer. If you’ve written a website, a blog, or an article then she’s the client you’re trying to persuade. It’s your writing – your voice should shine through. But Catherine can suggest ways of making it clearer, or more suitable, or more appealing.

Kim Morrison

Marketing & social media

Kim works with many different professional service businesses ranging from lawyers and accountants to holistic therapists. Her background is in marketing and social media, sales and general management, both in B2B and FMCG having been Managing Director, CEO and Sales and Marketing Director of a few different companies. Kim believes the right marketing and social media is critical to the success of your business. She enjoys meeting new people, discovering opportunities, identifying new customers, and devising strategies to reach those customers and help businesses grow.

Kate Kelly

Business process engineer

Kate Kelly, the ‘Business Plumber’, has more than 20 years’ hard-won experience of improving business processes to maximise profit. She has worked with organisations of all sizes, from major enterprises and public service bodies to micro-businesses. Time with major companies like Trebor Sharps, Black & Decker, Ozalid and Schlumberger has given Kate first-hand experience of how big companies work – and what even the very smallest company can learn from them. At Mill House Media Kate manages business processes that bring together a diverse team of freelancers to deliver a consistent, high quality service.

Kate White

Copywriter, journalist

Consumer journalist Kate has spent over 15 years writing for the national media, covering subjects including health, spirituality, film and television. She left her position as the news editor of a best-selling TV title to begin working as a professional copywriter. Blogging on topics as diverse as personal finance, apprenticeships, personal coaching and beauty, Kate can help you amplify your message, and make it sparkle. As well as helping you to write engaging words, Kate can also help you plan and organise your content marketing. She’ll make sure you have plenty to say, and know the best way to say it to your audience.

Sean Billings

Software engineer

Sean and his wife Venitia are the small but perfectly formed team behind Syrinx Systems! Together they have over 50 years’ experience in various IT industry sectors, creating new software as well as developing and supporting off-the-shelf software systems, advising clients on how to get the very best out of their technology, and providing a full range of engineering services. Because they bring different but complementary skills to their roles, they have a complete, holistic understanding of what is required at all levels of the software development process. Together they are Mill House Media’s IT support and software creation team.