When it comes to newsletters, the answer is that we all need a team – unless, that is, you have a unique set of talents…

Why is that?

Because a newsletter isn’t just about content – vital though that is. Of course you need content that does the job. That should go without saying. But you also need good design, expert coding, skilful data management and the ability to hit a deadline first time, every time.

Having said all that I started out (almost) on my own when I began producing professional email newsletters ten years ago. But by then I was a copywriter with 25 years’ experience, an experienced digital designer, and a web designer familiar with both HTML and CSS coding.

How did that happen? A long story, best told somewhere else…!

But on the day I started, I took a conscious decision not to do the job alone – and to share my skills with others.

So I invited every copywriter I knew to a meeting, and offered them the chance to join the team.

They did. Some are still with me now. (Thank you, you know who you are!)

I also made sure I had help with the admin side of the business. So I could stop the back office taking over my life…

So – does your newsletter need a team?

The answer has to be ‘yes’.

It’s difficult writing about your own business. I know, because I’ve been doing it most of my working life and I’m still finding new ways to get it right.

Not everyone is a designer. And even those who can do it don’t necessarily do it well.

And comparatively few people are coders – though there are, of course, ways to avoid coding. The snag is that all those ways require you to learn, in detail, how to use software you’ve never seen before. Meaning that you’re still on a learning curve, even if it’s a curve on a different track…

And I’ve seen enough messed-up data to know that not everyone should be trusted to build and use a database…!

So if you’re considering a newsletter, consider also who’s going to help you with it – and what you want them to do. You may not save money, but you will save many hours of struggle and frustration. And you’ll probably get a better result, too.

And if you’d like a ready-made team – why not get in touch with us here at Mill House Media?

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