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Confident public speaking. Is that something you’ve mastered – or just something you wish you could achieve?

If you’re nervous about getting up on your hind legs in front of an audience (or a camera), you’re certainly not alone. Most people are. And even actors with an international reputation can get ‘stage fright’ or first night nerves.

So what can you do about it?

We’ve put together five top tips to help you deal with that rush of adrenalin as you step up to the plate. And to ensure that when you do, you know what to say, and how to say it.

Telling the story

Everyone’s telling us that the secret of business success is having ‘the right narrative’. But storytelling is more of an art than a science – and also happens to be our speciality here at Mill House Media!

After all, who better to help you with storytelling than a published author…?

This particular published author got his start on the road to success from world-famous science-fiction writer James Blish – so I’ve shared his formula just as freely as he shared it himself. You can read all about it here. And it doesn’t only apply to newsletters, of course.

Writing for the spoken word

It’s not like writing a report.

In fact, it’s quite different.

Sentences are shorter.

Pauses… are marked.

Emphasis is marked, too.

And the result?

Something that’s easy to read… and easy to say!

Read more here…

Stand up to your ‘first night nerves’

This one’s probably my second most treasured tip for confident public speaking, and I’m delighted to share it. It’s all about how you stand to look and feel more in control.. (And, by happy coincidence, it also helps you project your voice…)

Read more here!

Managing your inner lizard

So why is it that most of us feel nervous when we’re about to speak? What’s going on in our heads – and our bodies – to produce that dry mouth, shaking legs, uncontrollable sweating and shallow breathing? Meet your inner lizard – the one responsible for most of that – and find out how to put him back in his box. It’s surprisingly simple…  Read more here

Pack up your troubles!

So… You’re standing up straight. Your inner lizard is firmly under control. You have a well-prepared, well-written script. So what more can you do?

Well… quite a lot. As you’ll see if you read this article…