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Scriptwriting doesn't have to be torture - try our helpful tips!

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Restarting your business? Need some help with your pitching script – or a short sales video?

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Scriptwriting – writing for the spoken word, and in particular for video and audiovisual media – is quite unlike any other form of writing.

Firstly, it’s meant to be heard, and understood, without the words being available to read. (And that holds true even if you use subtitles.)

Secondly – if it’s a video – then images and captions are ‘sharing the load’. Which you seriously need to take into account.

And thirdly – especially these days – your script needs to be short, sharp, and absolutely to the point. Because you’ll usually have two minutes – or less – to make that point.

So if you’d like a little help – please get in touch!

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Recently I ran a Zoom seminar about the basics of successful scriptwriting. For a small fee you can now download a recording of it from the Stowmarket Chamber website.

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