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Running to keep up your skills?

Ever had the feeling that everything's changing too fast for your skills to keep up? If you haven't, then take it from me that it comes with age. I may feel like a 23-year-old when I'm having a good day, but my passport wouldn't agree... And - as the old joke has it -...

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Embracing change

What happens when the whole basis for your business - disappears...? You really have just two options: to close the business, or to take the plunge by embracing change. If you've read my earlier piece - All change? - you'll know what I'm talking about. In it I...

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All change?

Change, in business, is something that comes with the territory. Mostly because if it doesn't, the business won't survive. There's a (very) old joke among typographers about the Latin tag 'in perpetua floreat nihil'. Which they translate as 'nothing looks good in...

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New Year, new motivation

New Year is back, and it's time for a couple of resolutions. So here's one for every writer. Whatever it is you're writing. 'Don't forget to write!' Seriously. Don't. Especially if you work from home. Because if you do, your typical writing day might go something like...

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