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Making contact

We understand that you will want to know more before using our service, so we’d be delighted to provide a free one-hour consultation – whether or not you decide to work with us.

Normally this will be a phone consultation, arranged at a mutually convenient time.

To arrange your consultation, please call our office on 01449 740118, or send us an email

Getting the most from your free consultation

We’re keen to ensure you get the best possible value from your consultation. To be sure you do, we’d suggest you think about:

  • Your contact database – to whom will your newsletter be sent? (And do you have permission to do so?)
  • Your target audience – who will be reading the newsletter?
  • Frequency – how often do you want to send your newsletter?
  • Content – what topics will most interest your target audience?

Getting started

Should you decide to go ahead, we will begin work as soon as we receive your setup fee. We will then:

  • design and code a custom responsive template for your emails
  • assign a writer who will liaise with you to discuss content for your first issues
  • process and upload your contact list to our system, removing any duplicates and confirming that all recipients are willing to receive your newsletters
  • set up your account on our system and prepare your first broadcast.