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About Mill House Media

Why we’re here

Mill House Media was launched to meet the ever-growing need for quality content in digital marketing. Which includes effective, targeted copywriting for newsletters, blogs and social media. High-quality images. Powerful (and ever shorter!) video clips. Not to mention scripts (and visuals) for live presentations.

What we do

Initially the business has focused mainly on email newsletters. In fact they’ve been owner Allan Scott’s chief area of operation since 2007. But team members are now writing blogs, web content, articles and presentation scripts for a growing and varied client base.

Who we are

Over the years Allan has gathered a trusted team of talented freelancers. And increasingly they will provide much of the content for Mill House Media’s output.

And after ten years of hard graft on the networking circuit, Mill House Media can call on a growing roster of professional partners. People ready, willing and able to work with each other. So we can build precisely the right combination of skills, talents and resources for each new project.

Mill House Media – your creative marketing partners.

Our business is telling your story…

About Allan Scott

Allan ScottWith a broad range of experience across many media and many sectors, Allan has a long and distinguished record as a copywriter, editor, scriptwriter and speechwriter. Which has been fuelled by his lifelong passion for creative writing…

Allan’s clients have included many of the UK’s most high-profile enterprises. He’s worked with British Gas, BT, British Airways, BAA and Biffa. And those are just a few of the B’s!

He took particular pride in working on speeches and presentations for the late Mervyn Pedelty. Mervyn was CEO of the Co-Operative Bank in its glory days, and a strong advocate of ethical banking. How right he was…

Since moving to Suffolk in 1991 Allan has worked for dozens of smaller companies in and around East Anglia. And since 2007 he has focused on the production of high-quality email newsletters. These combine his skills as a writer and layout designer with his long-standing enthusiasm for the web and for web coding. So now he is sharing those skills with an up and coming young team…

The first of Allan’s three novels, The Ice King, was written in 1982. Surprisingly (especially to him) It correctly forecast the development of search engines and the internet. Later he predicted digital convergence. Now he is enjoying the explosive growth of internet video. Which means he can look forward to new work in his first, much-loved discipline as a visual scriptwriter.

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